Get ready to marvel at the new Lido show, ‘Paris Merveilles’

For its new show ‘Paris Merveilles‘, the Lido has dreamed big! Behind the sparkling sequins and ravishing rhinestone costumes are months of work and meticulous planning.

It was two years in the making and required four months of rehearsals! That’s what it took to bring to life this show that pays tribute to Parisian elegance and beauty.

Imagine a fountain pumping 16,000 litres of water, a giant chandelier measuring more than 6 metres and decorated with 40,000 drop beads, or an ice rink appearing on the stage! For its new show, the Lido has created a fairytale world composed of breathtaking sets taken straight from a dream.

The costumes measure up to the décor, with designs featuring flamboyant hats and clothing bedecked with exquisite feathers and hundreds of glittering decorations. You’ll love the blue-themed design and the elaborate dresses, finished with 2 million hand-sewn Swarovski crystals! And did you know the French cancan skirts each feature 200 kilos of ostrich feathers?

On stage, you’ll be bedazzled by 50 different artists, composed of ‘Bluebell Girls’, ‘Belles’ (topless dancers), ‘Sublimes’ and ‘Lido Boys’. Behind the scenes, there’s no time to waste, as the show involves some 500 costume changes. Each artist has to change 10 times during the 1hr 40 show!

Thanks to Showtime in Paris, you can discover the extraordinary world of ‘Paris Merveilles’ for half-price, with 2 tickets offered for the price of one!

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