General Conditions of Sale


Article 1. Scope of the General Conditions of Sale (GCS)

The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, hereinafter ‘The PCVB’, is an Association governed by the law of 1 July 1901 and whose activity is to provide tourist information and services. The PCVB is registered on the ‘Registre des Opérateurs de Voyages et de Séjours’ [French register of tour and holiday operators] under the number IM075120115. The PCVB has taken out a financial guarantee with APST – 15 Avenue Carnot, 75017 Paris Cedex, France, as well as an insurance under the conditions laid down in the ‘Code du tourisme’, with MMA IARD – 14 Boulevard Marie Et Alexandre Oyon, 72030 Le Mans, France. The full address and contact details for the PCVB are available on its website and can be found below:

  • Head office: 144 Boulevard Macdonald, 75019 Paris – France.
  • Telephone: 01 49 52 42 63

The Website produced by the PCVB, (hereinafter the ‘Site’) comprises of different spaces such as information spaces available to any visitors to the Site and a ticketing service for tourist services (show tickets).

These general conditions of sale (‘GCS’) only concern orders made and paid for in full or part online on the Site by the User in the context of the use of online ticketing (‘Services’). Therefore, orders for which the Site refers the User to the PCVB’s partner service providers, are excluded from the scope of these applicable GCS since these services are exclusively supplied and managed by and under the responsibility of the aforementioned third party partner, in accordance with this third party partner’s applicable contractual terms.

For Dated Tickets:

The User is also hereby informed and recognizes that the Services ordered or booked via the Site are susceptible to be subject to the general or specific conditions of Partner service providers for Services ordered or booked, in addition to these GCS. It is up to the User to become acquainted with these additional contractual conditions before making any purchase on the Site.

Article 2. Definitions

The terms used with a capital letter in these GCS will have the meaning given after, whether they be used in the singular or in the plural.

Among the Services provided on the Site, ‘Dated Ticket’ denotes those that offer the User the opportunity to book Services (show tickets) that have the specificity of only being valid for the precise date shown on the ticket. A Dated Ticket may be delivered to the User in a dematerialized way, in the form of an e-ticket (or electronic ticket) or of a countermark, addressed to the User by email or downloadable from the Site, and which it is the User’s responsibility to print off.

‘Force Majeure’ denotes an event such as a natural catastrophe or a major political event (war, …), that turns out to be, with regard to these circumstances, unforeseeable, overwhelming and external and which is therefore considered as such by a Cour de Cassation judgement as constituting a case of force majeure.

‘Partner’ denotes the provider(s) of Goods.

‘Goods’ denotes any provision of goods provided by a Partner that may be booked on the Site of the PCVB. The characteristics and content of the Goods are determined by the Provider of such Goods and are presented on the Site.

‘Service’ denotes the ticketing service offered by the PCVB on its Site enabling the online purchase of Goods. The characteristics and functionalities of these Services are described in more detail on the Site.

‘User’ denotes any User of the Site who books Goods offered on the Site.

Article 3. Ordering on the Site

3.1 Conditions for the use of Services

Any order made and paid for via the Site implies the full and prior acceptance by the User of these GCS by ticking the box provided for this purpose and, where required, the acceptance of the contractual conditions of the Partner supplying the Goods concerned. Without this acceptance, the continuation of the ordering process is technically impossible. The characteristics of the Goods that can be booked on the Site feature on the Site. The photos shown on the Site are however non-contractual. By ordering Goods on the Site, the User implicitly acknowledges having obtained all the information they want on the nature and characteristics of these Goods.

The User must be at least 18 years old and be legally able to enter into a contract and use this Site in accordance with the GCS in force on the date of validation of their order. The User attests to the veracity and accuracy of all the information that they communicate to the PCVB in the use of the Services, and thereby guarantees the PCVB against any action or claim by a third party as to an unlawful or fraudulent use of their data by a User in the use of the Services.

3.2 Procedure for formalizing a contract online applicable to all Services

3.2.1 These GCS are provided in French and in foreign languages (English and Spanish). They are available to consult at any time from any Internet page of the Site.

3.2.2 The User may keep the GCS by saving or editing them, by using the standard functionalities of their web browser or their computer. This saving of them is their sole responsibility.

3.2.3 The procedure for making an online order on the Site by the User involves double clicking and includes, regardless of the Service, the following steps:

  • Step 1: the selection by the User of the Goods (show ticket) required after having become acquainted with the essential characteristics of these Goods as they appear on the Site;
  • Step 2: the selection of date and time slot required
  • Step 3: the slection of the number of tickets required on the scrolling menu. Selecting ‘1’ corresponds to ordering 2 tickets for the price of 1, thanks to the “buy 1 = get 1” offer that applies on all the Site goods.
  • Step 4: completion of required fields on order forms on the Site (otherwise, the order request of the User will not be processed by the PCVB) and provisional validation of the information entered. Unconditional acceptance of these GCS and, where appropriate, the contractual conditions of the Partners;
  • Step 5: confirmation by the User of the information on the summary shown on the Site recalling the Goods selected, the total price of the Goods and the price owed to the PCVB, and the information entered by the User, who may still at this stage identify any mistake and correct it according to the terms and conditions on the Site, or change their order for convenience or simply abandon it;
  • Step 6: final confirmation by the User of their order request on the Site after entering and validating the information relative to the means of online payment selected by the User to pay the amount owed to the relevant show venue (via the Site’s ticketing system, Weezevent).

3.2.4 The contract entered into online by the User with the PCVB becomes firm and definite and the PCVB is obliged to provide the Service, when the User (i) has proceeded to the final validation stage of the information entered and the Goods selected, (ii) has unreservedly accepted the GCS and, where applicable, the contractual conditions of the Partners and (iii) has proceeded to pay in full the price of the Goods directly to the PCVB in accordance with Article 6 below (and this payment has been received in full by the show venue via Weezevent in accordance with Article 6.1.3).

In order for the PCVB to be able to provide its Service, the PCVB partners (show venues) are required to provide their own Service as part of the operation.

3.2.5 Weezevent, the PCVB’s ticketing subcontractor, will send an email to confirm the order in good time before the start of the Goods ordered and at the latest, within seventy-two (72) hours of receipt of the order by the User. This confirmation email is sent to the email address that the User entered on the order form and resumes, by the sending of these GCS and specific conditions relating to the order made, the contractual information required under Article L.121-19 of the Consumer Code, such as (the) Goods ordered and the identification of the supplier Partner, the price paid to the show venue (via Weezevent) and, where applicable, the address to which the User can submit any complaints.

The order will either take the form of an e-ticket or of a countermark. In case of a countermark, the details of its use and on how to exchange it for the regular ticket are specified on the document.

3.2.6 It is up to the User to print this confirmation email on their printer and which they must present to the Partner to benefit from the Goods ordered. The User is therefore required to check beforehand that he is able to print the confirmation email. On no account can a bank statement alone serve as proof of the order.

3.3 Modification or cancellation of an order

3.3.1 The User is strongly informed of the importance of checking the accuracy of the information entered and correcting it where necessary, according to the modalities offered on the Site in the contract procedure described in Article 3.2, before any final confirmation. Any order made on the Site cannot be changed online later.

3.3.2 The User can however, solely in those instances and under the conditions defined in Article 4 of these GCS, or in the event of Force Majeure, change or cancel an order made on the Site.

In order to do so, he has to make a request to the relevant show venue, by sending a message to the email address specified on the document.

3.4 Absence of the right of withdrawal

In accordance with the provisions of Article L.121-21-8 of the Consumer Code, the User is informed that he has no right of withdrawal where Goods are ordered at a distance, whether they be ordered on the Site together in the form of a tourist package or separately, for a date or for a specific period.

Article 4. Conditions specific to the ticketing Service

4.1 Ordering procedure

The PCVB offers a ticketing service on the Site for shows tickets.
The tickets that can be ordered on the Site are generally subject to a defined period of validity or, for some, can be bought for a specific date, as mentioned on the Site. By giving the final confirmation for their order on the Site, the User acknowledges that they are fully aware of the date or period of validity applicable to their order. Any ticket not used on the scheduled date or within the period of validity stipulated shall not be refunded.

4.2 Ordering and modification of Dated Tickets

Where the User orders a Dated Ticket on the Site, the dates of the event as well as the proposed time slots are provided as an indication only to the User and are subject to availability from the Partner.

The tickets available on the Site are subject to the exclusive ‘buy 1 ticket = get the 2nd one for free’ offer. This offer is only available on the Site and applies for all the shows featured on it. The reduction will appear during the buying process.

The tickets are available on shows programmed between February, 25 to March, 10 2019 (those dates being the dates of the ‘Showtime in Paris’ operation and of its ‘by 1 ticket = get the 2nd one for free’ offer).

Dated Ticket, the date and the time slot of the Dated Ticket selected by the User are only confirmed and definitive on reception by the User of the e-ticket of the Dated Ticket ordered. The order of the Dated Ticket only becomes definitive on reception of this e-ticket.

As a result of this, the PCVB and the show venue providing the ordered tickets reserves the right to change the date and/or the time slot of the Dated Ticket booked by the User, within a period of forty-eight (48) hours of the order of the Dated Ticket on the Site. Within this period, the PCVB or the who venue will inform the User of the unavailability of the date and/or the time slot booked and will offer them the date and/or time slot closest to the one originally booked. If the new option proposed to the User is not acceptable to them, they can either choose a new date / and or time slot, or request a refund for the Dated Ticket.

4.3 Modification or cancellation of an order by the User

As the right of withdrawal is not applicable to ticketing services, the User is reminded that, excepting particular stipulations contrary to the GSC (notably Article 4.2 of the GCS) or the general conditions of sale of the Partner governing the sale of Dated Tickets, any ticket ordered on the Site is final. Consequently, tickets ordered on the Site, including Dated Tickets are neither refundable (not even in the event of loss or theft), nor exchangeable, except in case the event for which the ticket is issued is cancelled.

4.4 Contact

Any question or complaint relating to an order, its tracking number or any cancellation must be sent via our contact form.

Article 5. Publication conditions for reviews on the Showtime in Paris Site

5.1 What is an online review?

An online review is a consumer’s expression of their opinion on their experience, whether it be positive or negative. By using the term ‘consumer experience’, it is understood that the consumer may or may not have purchased the goods or services that they are reviewing.

5.2 Criteria for the order of reviews

The reviews published on the site are shown with reviews in the user’s selected language appearing first.

5.3 Absence of remuneration in exchange for review submission

The consumer is informed that the leaving of a review on the Bureau’s website will not entitle them to any kind of remuneration.

The consumer is informed that by submitting their review, they grant the Bureau non-exclusive licence to use, copy, reproduce, publish, modify, and adapt the content and information therein to their needs. This licence ends when the consumer asks that the review be deleted or when the Bureau no longer offers the service concerned.

5.4 Review control procedure: The main characteristics of review control upon their collection, moderation, or distribution

The consumer is informed that each review is subject to pre-publication moderation, and that the Bureau reserves the right not to publish reviews that violate these conditions. Similarly, the consumer is informed that the Bureau reserves the right not to publish content that is contrary to public order, prejudiced, threatening, illegal, defamatory, unauthorized, abusive, malevolent, vulgar, obscene, fraudulent, harmful to an individual’s privacy or image, hateful, that incites violence or racial hatred, or that is otherwise reprehensible.

The consumer is informed that the Bureau may refuse publication of a review for the following reasons:

  1. The score given to the service does not correspond to the textual review (scale of 1-5, where 1 is highly unsatisfactory and 5 is highly satisfactory).
  2. The review concerns the purchasing experience (customer service, delivery, website) and not the product in question.
  3. The textual content contains random characters or is poorly written to the point that it becomes unintelligible.
  4. The review is fewer than 40 characters (not including spaces).
  5. The content is unrelated to the product or service in question.
  6. The textual content contains personal information or other information that may infringe upon the rights and liberties of others: given names or surnames of individuals, telephone numbers, postal addresses or email addresses, credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, or other information that may be linked with an identified or identifiable person.
  7. The content contains profanities or obscene language.
  8. The review contains clear conflicts of interest.
  9. The textual content is clearly spam, or contains URLs, including those of the consumer or creator.
  10. The textual content includes a call for legal action.
  11. The textual content contains or encourages an act that is punishable under criminal law, or provides instructions on how to do so, which infringes upon the rights of a third party, or is likely to incur the liability of a third party, or to violate local, national, or international law.
  12. The consumer has contacted the review manager in order for the review to be removed or modified.
  13. The review manager believes that their civil or criminal liability may be incurred.

The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau reserves the right to contact the author of the review if one of the above reasons is present.

5.5 Guidelines for modifying reviews

The consumer has the right to ask for the removal of a review that they have written or that they deem inappropriate, by simply sending a request to the Bureau at the following address: 144 Boulevard Macdonald 75019 Paris – Service Avis-E-Commerce.
Please include the following elements in your letter:

[TITLE]: RETRAIT D’AVIS CLIENT (Withdrawal of customer review)

Copy of ID card or passport.

5.6 Collection of personal data

The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, data controller, collects and processes your information in a computer file for the purpose of managing the publication of online reviews. This collection is based on the legitimate interest of the Bureau, which wishes to improve its consumer services.

Your information will be stored by the Bureau and will not be transmitted to any third party for the duration of its storage.
You have the right to access, rectify, or remove your information. You also have the right to limit its processing, the right to oppose its use, and the right to its portability.

You can exercise these rights by simply contacting the Bureau with your request and proof of identity at or by registered mail to 144 Boulevard Macdonald 75019 Paris, marking it ‘Service RGPD’.

Article 6. Financial terms

6.1 Common provisions

6.1.1 The prices of the Goods referred to on the Site are expressed in euros and are inclusive of tax. They take into account the VAT applicable on the date of the order orequest. Prices do not include communication costs linked to the use of the Services. These remain payable by the User.

6.1.2 It should be noted that the prices of Goods shown on the Site reflect the prices charged by the Partners. The exceptional ‘buy 1 ticket = get the 2nd one for free’ offer (ie a 50% reduction on the total price), approved by all partner show venues, applies on all the tickets sold on the Site.

6.1.3 Payment for Goods is made directy on the Site, via Weezevent (the PCVB contractor) ticketing tool. Payment is made online at the time of ordering, by credit card, via a secure electronic payment system on the Site. It should be noted that any payment by credit card triggers an automatic debit authorization request. As the order request is final after full payment of the price of the Services owed to the PCVB, any rejection, for whatever reason, implies the abandonment of the order request, which will therefore not be processed by the PCVB.

6.1.4 The only method of payment available is by credit card.

6.2 Provisions specific to the ticketing Service

The price of the Goods ordered via the ticketing Service is paid in full to the show venue (via Weezevent) on the Site.

Subject to the provisions of Articles 4.2 and 4.4 of the GCS, it is the general sales conditions of the Partner which apply to refunds, where appropriate, of Dated Tickets.

Article 7. Changes and enforceability of the GCS and Goods

These GCS and/or the contents of the Goods may be modified at any time by the PCVB to take into account changes to the Site and/or to the Services and/or to the Goods by the Partners or, any change in the applicable regulations or any other changes implemented by the PCVB. The version of the GCS that is enforceable against the User is the one featuring on the Site at the time of the final confirmation by the User of their order request.

The Goods supplied to the User are those listed in the email confirming the order, in accordance with the contents of the Goods as described on the Site on the date of the order.

Article 8. Liability of the PCVB

The PCVB may not be held liable for the total or partial breach of the contract due to a case of force majeure, to a third party to the contract or to the fault of the User. In particular, the PCVB may not be held liable for mistakes made by the User when entering information required in online forms, or in the event of the fraudulent use by a third party of the identity or means of payment of the User as identified on an order request. The PCVB may not be held liable either for mistakes made by the show venue providing the ordered tickets.

Nor may the PCVB be held responsible for damage of any kind that may result from the Site being temporarily unavailable or the connection between the User’s terminal equipment and the Site of the PCVB being interrupted while an order request is being made.


Article 9. Agreement as to proof

The User recognizes that the data recorded by the PCVB in the context of orders made on the Site constitute proof of all transactions entered into with the User and that the data recorded by the electronic payment system on the Site constitute proof of financial transactions.


Article 10. Personal data

The PCVB collects personal data concerning the User in the context of Services provided on the Site, for itself/ and/or for its Partners or Service providers, so as to be able to process and carry out their order request on the Site. The PCVB may also transmit this data to third parties, and notably, its Partners or Service providers, in order to enable the User to be able to benefit from the Goods ordered on the Site. By placing an order on the Site, the User expressly agrees to these transfers.

The treatment of data of a personal nature processed by the PCVB in its capacity as the organization responsible for the processing of data via the Site has been declared to the CNIL – an administrative agency protecting privacy and personal data. Data concerning the User of a personal nature is processed by the PCVB in accordance with the (amended) Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, either as the party responsible for the processing or as the subcontractor of its Partners. In accordance with the Data Protection Act of the 6 January 1978 as amended, the User has the right to access, modify and delete data concerning them as well as the right to object, for legal reasons, to the processing of their data. The User can exercise these rights by sending a registered letter with return delivery receipt accompanied by a copy of a valid piece of identity to the following address: OTCP, B2C marketing department, 144 Boulevard Macdonald, 75019 Paris, France.

It should be noted that the data collection forms on the Site specify compulsory and optional fields. It should be noted that if the User fails to fill in a compulsory field, the PCVB will be unable to process their request. The purpose of other requests for information calling for an optional response or relative to the interest of the User, for offers likely to be sent to them, is to get to know the User better as well as improve the services offered to them. The PCVB may send the User information about its special offers, any new Goods that may be offered on the Site or any other communication (newsletters, social media) unless they did not agree to this at the time of placing their order on the Site. Furthermore, the User may at any time ask to no longer receive emails from the PCVB by clicking on the link provided for this purpose in this information email.

The User should furthermore be aware that as they browse the Site, the latter implants a cookie in the User’s computer. The cookie stores information relating to the User’s browsing on the Site (pages consulted, date and time of consultation, etc.) and stores information entered by the User during their visit (such as surname, first name and other identification data) allowing the User to avoid having to key these in again on the occasion of their next visit. The PCVB is thus able read all the stored information on the occasion of the User’s future visits.

Cookie files may be saved temporarily or permanently. Permanent cookie files remain on the computer’s hard drive as long as the User has not manually deleted them.

The User is informed that they can prevent the saving of cookies at any time by configuring their browser as follows:

For Mozilla Firefox:

1. Click on the menu button and then select Options

2. Click on Privacy

3. Locate the cookies menu and choose the options that suit you

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

1. Click on the Tools button, then select Internet Options.

2. Click on the tab Confidentiality

3. Choose the desired level using the cursor.

For Opera:

1. In the menu, click on Settings

2. Then click on Privacy & Security


Article 11. Intellectual property

The PCVB is the holder of all intellectual property rights attached to the Site and to the elements comprising it or holds the licences required by the holders of these rights.

Consequently, it is forbidden to reproduce, modify, transfer or use all or part of the Site without the express and written authorization of the PCVB:  however, partial reproduction for strictly private purposes is tolerated.

It is forbidden to resell products or use the Site for commercial purposes without the express and written authorization of the PCVB.


Article 12. Applicable law and dispute settlement

The General Conditions are subject to French law. Any dispute relating to their interpretation and/or performance will be subject to the

The GCS are subject to French law. Any dispute relating to their interpretation and/or execution shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the French courts, subject to the application of mandatory rules of French or Community law, designating the jurisdiction of the courts of another Member State of the European Union

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