Café Polisson

From 04 Mar to 06 Mar

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This Café Polisson, which opened in famous Parisien Musée d’Orsay the Splendour and Misery cycle, brings together the cruel and amusing songs of the Belle Epoque. In the café-chantant cabarets of the capital of pleasure, the ‘beuglant’ (local small café-concert) style likened singers to prostitutes and courtesans. Thanks to Yvette Guilbert, who broke away from the vulgarity and sung about the omnipresence of sexuality in life, female singers became the architects of their own emancipation. Nathalie Joly pays tributes to the courtesans, kept women, absinthe drinkers, harlots and ladies of the night.

Nathalie Joly breathes life back into this Café polisson with an irresistible repertoire of popular songs which enlivened the very best evenings of the famous ‘Caf’ conc’ at the end of the 19th century and ‘La Belle Epoque’. A chance to (re)discover the singer Yvette Guilbert, a model for Toulouse-Lautrec, admired by Zola and Loti, who still haunts legendary venues such as Le Chat Noir.
 On stage you will find the colourful world and heady fragrances of this place, a melting pot of artists, hedonists, courtesans and prostitutes. Irresistibly funny, but also a fierce social portrait, the show is a truculent testament to the morals of the period: they sing & dance, they tell tales of pleasures and vices. With a consummate art of inflection and allusion, they laugh about passions while evoking the oppression and vicissitudes of lives often much less rosy that the secrets they reveal. Bawdy, never lewd, but incredible liberating!


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