Fahrenheit 451

02 Mar
€10 - €25

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451 degrees Fahrenheit: the temperature in which a book burns away. The one in which the imagination and the reflection disappear for the benefit of the disinformation and of the lie. The one in which the humanity turns away from the memory and the feelings. In a society which burns its books, some people nevertheless will continue to read and to pass on the words of Shakespeare or Flaubert.

Fahrenheit 451, it is the title of appeared Ray Bradbury’s novel in 1953, that inspired thirteen years later a movie to François Truffaut. And in 2019 a radio adaptation.

Fahrenheit 451
of Ray Bradbury

Alexandre Plank Realisation
Pauline Thimonnier Adaptation
Music by Quentin Sirjacq
Quatuor Ellipse

  • Note: Radio France thanks its spectators for anticipating the security checks in entrances by appearing 45 minutes before concerts.


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