Resolution 88 + The Expansions

28 Feb

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* For every ticket purchased, a second ticket free


Heavy Fender Rhodes jazz funk and broken beats have become the signature sound of the power-groove quartet Resolution 88. “Soulful music, played with passion and incredible skill. This harkens to the best funk-jazz of the sixties and seventies and takes it to a new level. Think Headhunters for the new millennium” Bob Power (The Roots, Erykah Badu, D’Angelo)

Resolution 88
Tom O’grady : Claviers
Ric Elsworth : Batterie
Tiago Coimbra : Basse
Alex Hitchcock : Saxophone
Adam Kovacs : Percussions

The Expansions
James O’Keefe : Guitar
Dave Koor : Claviers
Matt Summerfield : Basse
Jonny Drop : Batterie


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